Police Car Chase: Cop Chase

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Are you ready to escape in traffic cop 3d? The police car is following you in cop games. Speed up your car in cop games and drive fast to save yourself from police in a cop chase. There are different missions in cop chase. First, you have to drive fast in traffic cop 3d and you have to protect yourself from police and you have to steal money in traffic cop 3d. There are police cars that are ready to chase you in police games.
The cops are very active and powerful in the car chase. You have to use your strategy to protect yourself from cops in the car chase. You have to be very active in the car chase. Destroy the police car with your tricks. Trick the police and escape. You also have to alert and protect your car from obstacles in cop games. Collect maximum money and earn points in cop chase and police chase. You have three chances in police games. If your car collides 3 times with the police car or obstacle you will be out in police games. Protect yourself from the car crash.
In this car chase, you also learn how to drive fast with perfection. This police games also increase your driving skills and also improve your tricks in car chase and police chase. In this game, you have to the car crash. So ready to play car crash?

Are you ready to start a ride in Car Chase? The best Car chase game which has multiple missions. You have to escape from the police—the number of police cars ready to cease you. So, be ready and run.

There are police cars behind you that are ready to arrest you so, hold the steering and let the race begin. You also take care of yourself from the obstacles which are coming your way. This race is really interesting. So, join now.
This car chase also increases your driving skills and also improves your tricks. You have to use your tricks to escape. Be alert cop is following you.

Smooth Controls
Realist Environment in the car chase
Best Graphics in police chase
Best Endless racing game